About Wendy Gedney

I’m a Francophile…  I’m a wine lover… I love good food… and this ultimate combination means I am lucky enough to spend my life running vineyard tours in France, educating and engaging people in my passion. Most of the year I am based in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France where the wine is exciting and the food delicious. I love to take people to visit vineyards, chateaux and domaines and taste the flavours of France, revel in the stunning landscapes and meet the amazing people who create the wines and food of this beautiful country.

The aim of my Vin-Blonde! blog is to keep in touch with all those people who have toured with me and to record some of the memorable trips and tours we have made and will be making. As well as Languedoc-Roussillon I run vineyard tours in other parts of France such as Bordeaux, Rhône, Burgundy and Loire and I am creating this blog is to tempt you to join me one of these days…!

Oh and by the way in case you were wondering – I’m blonde…!

Check out my vineyard tours in France at Vin en Vacances

Check out my wine courses in the UK at The Wine Wise Company

2 thoughts on “About Wendy Gedney”

  1. Hey Wendy… finally got around to checking out your blog… where does the time go! Really enjoyed reading all the posts and have subscribed now. I am full swing into my Advances Wine Certificate at WSET in London and really enjoying it. I am learning soooo much… almost overwhelming 🙂

    We will be back in Carcassonne on the 1st March till the 6th and are planning part of a day in Limoux on Sat 3 March for their Carnivale… don’t know if you are back in France by then and around… but fancy joining us or meeting up for a visit and of course food and wine? Cheerio, Love Brent

    • Glad you like the blog. I really must try to do it more often this year! Glad you’re enjoying the WSET Adv course, it is a big step up from the Intermediate but you will learn so much! I don’t get back to France until April 1st, let me know when you are in Carcassonne, I’d love you to come over for supper at my new little cottage! W x

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